If you’ve felt indifferent to the industrial hemp movement so far, this lively documentary will jump start your thinking! After witnessing the arrest of Woody Harrelson for planting four feral hemp seeds in Kentucky and his subsequent trial and acquittal, you will likely be spittin’ mad.

You might be nearly as mad as traveling hemp activist Craig Lee and a number of featured old school Kentucky tobacco farmers who want to grow the multipurpose crop as a way to save their farms.

You might become as disillusioned as Alex White Plum, leader of a Lakota “Tiospaye” (family clan), and the first family to plant industrial hemp on American soil since the 1950’s. He makes a startling case that his right to grow the crop is a sovereignty issue.

Julia Butterfly Hill goes to extreme lengths to protest the pulping of old-growth forests by living for over two years at the top of a 1,000 year old redwood tree in Northern California.

Gatewood Galbraith, the fiery orator of the U.S. Reform party, attempts to bring the public at later to its senses in his own inimitable style.

A hyper-paced ride with a sizzling soundtrack, this motion picture puts hemp at the heart of just about every grassroots issue in America today. Featured players include Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Ralph Nader, and Woody Harrelson. More than a political study of cannabis, Hempsters: Plant The Seed is a rousing portrait of our country’s most spirited and sensible free-thinkers.